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Here is a list of all my posts in the order they were written. Have fun browsing!Wordle of all posts June 2010
What brought me to the Silence Project?
Making sandwiches in silence: Photos by Sanjay
Silence and the trees
Silence or tranquility?
Silence and the slowing of time
Silence and pain
Gratitude Mandala
Lies of omission

July 2010
Chosen silence vs. forced silence
Mosaics: the silent gaps between the pieces
How do people with disabilities experience silence?

August 2010
Tuesday night in downtown Brooklyn…
Reflections on Silence as a Social Practice
Listening to a cricket sing by the bay
22 seconds of water
Breaking the silence about subway harassment
Why blog about silence?
Silence makes more space to hear
Silence during the oath of allegiance
72 hours of silence starting soon

September 2010
33 seconds watching the surface of a lake
How does retreating into silence help others?
Top 10 Absolute Worst Names to Call Me
Students’ views about speaking and silence in the classroom
Silencing his pain (a poem)
Takemitsu on sound and silence

October 2010
Atheists Freeloading in Religious Sanctuaries?
Out of the silence… sounds and colors
B.B. King necklace
Sunrise on the beach
Silent fossil
Thought-provoking comments on silent retreats

November 2010
Two minutes of silence today
Silence while off-line

December 2010
Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk…
Quiet, empty spaces
Proficiency vs. Mastery

January 2011
Listening silently as a non-language speaker
Rethinking the purpose of this blog
What is the Silence Project?
The Beauty of the Silent Head Bobble
Vignettes from a Cross-Cultural Visit
Satyajit Recites Tamil Poetry on a Rooftop
Happy Birthday, Yoko-san!
got crickets?
Religious music or noise pollution?

February 2011
Roe of fish
The longest necklace I’ve ever made…
Win this Necklace for Someone You Love!
What’s the connection between silence and creativity?
Making mosaics at Unicorn Art Studio
Happy President’s Day!

Sleepless Night Necklace

March 2011
One of my inspirations: Turtle Forest
Honour a Woman You Admire this Month
Winter Walk at Storm King Art Center
Imaginary dialogue with the late John Cage
And the Winner is…
Rekindling A Childhood Passion for Fossils
Reflections from the Ammonite Mirror
Speaking for those who usually remain silent…

April 2011
On hiatus
Memories from an Easter Sunday long past
Make stuff up
Keys and notes

May 2011
See the Sand Mandala of Compassion
New Friends from Camphill
How to Be Alone
Duet for Tree Frogs and Crickets

June 2011
Why I write – Response to Foucault

July 2011
Leaves and Moon in Saskatoon
On silent retreat
What’s your favorite animal?

August 2011
Sidewalk Sinatra
Flowers and Farewells

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